From this period of time there is a list of “feedback messages” we received back then:
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Ann Craig:

Hi Theo,

My name is Ann and I am a friend of Greg Pisano. I am one of the breeders who bought 2 of the rabbits that you so graciously shipped to the US. I have the chocolate buck and a smoke buck. I want to tell you how impresse I am by them and look forward to getting some babies. What information on background on the chocolate buck and smoke bucks could you send me? I understand that pedigrees in Holland are not kept as we keep them in the US. I noticed that ther bunnies have tatoos in both ears? What does that stand for?
Thank you for your part in providing these bunnies to us.

Thankyou for your response.
I find it very interesting how the tatoo numbers are done and will check to see old the "boys" are. 
Most rabbit breeders in ther US have some type of system for tatooing, but often is just choosing a number/letter and following in sequence. In the US, the REW and BEW are mostly the varieties that have the thicker substance of ears. This is something that is lacking in the rest of the varieties.
Both of the bucks-the chocolate and smoke buck have above average substance and furring compared to what is shown in the US. The smoke definitely has the darkest toenails I have ever seen on a smoke-almost black and that is SUPERB. Light or mismatched toenails is mostly a problem and hard to breed out. I look forward to seeing offspring from these 2 fine bucks. The ride to the US did not seem to slow them down or dampen their interest in the does.

thank you.
Ann Craig

That would be fine. Since that writing have had opportunity to receive some more Holland bunnies-esp happy with a chocolate otter doe that was shipped in Dec. Many of the Holland crosses are looking VERY nice-the Holland bucks are adding the bone and bulk that seem to be lacking in some of the Americian dwarfs.