From this period of time there is a list of “feedback messages” we received back then:
Peggy Yoakum writes:
Alicia Kennemer writes:
Katrina Widrig writes:
Stacey Anderson writes:
Cathy Bohn writes:
Dan & Stacey Grate write:
Carrie Engel writes:
Mary Henderson writes:
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Ann Craig writes:
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Carrie Engel:

Hi Theo,

I will be updating my page in the next few weeks and would be happy to link up to your very nice page.

Also I would like to thank you personally for send over bunnies to Greg Pisano. I have the chocolate doe and 1 of the smoke does. I am very impressed with them and think they are wonderful and will help my herd temendously. Chocolates in the US have been lacking very bad and the beautiful doe you sent over will help very much. I just got them to my house and they both look great. They have not eaten much feed but plenty of Grass hay and water. I am sure being in a carrier for a few days plus airplane and car rides have distressed them a little. Again thank you for being so kind as to send us some of your beautiful bunnies.

Carrie Engel
C & D Rabbitry
Stanwood, WA USA

Hi Theo

Yes I think that would be a wonderful addition to your web page. On our second shipment I recieved a very nice rew senior buck that I have shown for many month and had managed to get 12 legs on and won best of breed twice with. Named him Oscar. He is retired now but still in prime condition and has fathered many babies that are doing well for me. If you would like I would be happy to add another few words about our shipment.

Carrie Engel