From this period of time there is a list of “feedback messages” we received back then:
Peggy Yoakum writes:
Alicia Kennemer writes:
Katrina Widrig writes:
Stacey Anderson writes:
Cathy Bohn writes:
Dan & Stacey Grate write:
Carrie Engel writes:
Mary Henderson writes:
Leslie Ketrenos writes:
Ann Craig writes:
Terri Monson writes:
Gary Brachmann writes:




Cathy Bohn:

Dear Theo,

Am in good health. Thank you for asking. Hope all is well with you and your family too. Am very pleased with the rabbits that we got from our shipment last June. I went in with Katrina Widrig and Mary Henderson on the shipment.Katrina ended up with otters, Mary with BEW and I ended up with a chocolate brood doe, very nice head and ears, but too large for show. Bred her with the sr. chocolate otter #604 and all were too large except for one. 
He has is a chocolate otter and has been shown once with a best of breed. 1 chocolate otter Sr. brood buck #604, very nice head, ears, and thick ears and fur, a little heavier than our show bucks, but would be nice show if he was a little smaller and he is a wonderful breeder, with nice youngsters.
 1 chocolate otter (was Jr.) buck show buck #518. He has been show three times with two best of breeds. Just started breeding with him and don't have offspring yet, but am very excited. 1 chocolate otter (was Jr.) show doe#517. Didn't show her because she wouldn't sit for very long, but is equivalent to the quality as the chocolate otter with two best of breeds. She is two weeks bred with #604.
Then there was a chocolate otter jr. brood doe in that litter #519. Just breeding these now. 1 black silver marten Jr. brood doe with chocolate in background. And almost forgot there was a chocolate otter sr. brood doe. She was breed to chocolate otter 604, the sort of big guy, and liked some in the litter, but didn't keep them because they were lilac otter and not working with too many of those. Did get one of the sr. black otter bucks. Have bred him to mostly chestnut and otter does. The out crosses on all of these have been so greatDid get one chestnut that got two best of breeds at 10 weeks old out of the black otter!!! Was scared that he would go over our 2 1/2 pound weight limit but did not. At 10 weeks he was one ounce under 2 pounds. He matured at about 2 pounds two ounces. He is really pretty and have just bred with him for the first time a couple of days ago. The black otters head after his molt is so much bigger. Am looking forward to an exciting breeding and showing season this year because of those bunnies. 

Katrina showed a blue otter that is out of the blue otter buck from you, and she was here at a show in Enumclaw Washington two weeks ago and got a Best opposite of breed and the went to a show after that and got a BOB. I have heard very good things from Alicia Kennemer and Carrie Engel and Ann Craig. They had gotten some from you before us. Saw many of them and they are very nice.
Thanks Theo.
Cathy Bohn

Hi Theo,

It sounds like a wonderful idea to have the many of the people's comments about the bunnies that they have gotten from you. Would be interesting to see what they say about you stock also.
Yes, would be perfectly fine with me if you post my letter. Thanks for asking. I do have a question about the chocolate otter line. I have been breeding dwarfs for about 17 years now and just recently started the chocolate and chocolate otter line. Until I got some from you they were very hard to get a good head on them. Usually it only takes a generation to put a good head on a dwarf, but these particular chocolate lines seem to carry a bad head with the color chocolate. I am speaking before I got some from you, with american lines. I was wondering with the wonderful fur and thick ears if there is REW in their breeding? They sure look like they do. I don't think we could get bunnies to have that kind of fur and thick ears without REW in the lines here. Am very pleased with your bunnies. It helped me so much to improve the chocolate line.

Thanks again.
Cathy Bohn