From this period of time there is a list of “feedback messages” we received back then:
Peggy Yoakum writes:
Alicia Kennemer writes:
Katrina Widrig writes:
Stacey Anderson writes:
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Gary Brachmann writes:




Gary Brachmann:

Hi Theo,

You must be very happy about the progress with the BEW.
The flesh,fur density,and head,and ears are amazing. Flesh right down to the table. All animals are bred now, and all is healthy . You should have one hell of a show season with the up and coming BEW. Are the Chocolates from Maurits, and Jaco? I am just going by the ORC, and OAK in the show results. Bred the Chocolate doe to the otter buck. Also used the BEW jr buck who I think is an outstanding animal as they all are.

I wonder how many rabbittrys are using your bloodlines? I bet over 50% of animals in the US have your lines somewhere in the background. Due to the length of time you have been breeding Dwarfs, and the number of big breeders over here that have received shipments or have purchased animals from these breeders, or me. You really have something to be proud of. A legacy that will live on long after you and I have gone to that big rabbit show in the sky. I bet breeders like Beswerda and some old timers will have a hard time changing to the Eurodwarf.

Even the Dutch rabbit breeders president at the Euro show must realize that the change will be for the better. There have been complaints from some oldtimers over here, and the ARBA standards committee about the upright pose of the winning Dwarf(Larsens) from last year. It will be a tough battle to even change the pose here, but with more people liking this in the ANDRC we can make it happen, and could possibly bring this to the ARBA standards committee for approval. There is much work to be done. It would sure be nice to have the same standard worldwide. If you do not show in Holland maybe you could show here? The weather here is -20C and snowing so would not mind having some Holland weather right now.

Take Care,

Hi Theo,

You know about Otter Doe #553 and 2 BOS Dwarf with about 120 animals shown in eachshow. It was a very cold winter and all does had trouble with litters. All are rebred with the BEW buck #205. Spring and fall seem to work the best for shipments here as it creates less stress for the animals for the change to the wormbeds I use . The wormbeds work better when it is warm. I love the stock and the widebodies of the animals and am looking forward to many babies. I have been checking on flights May1- May 11 $531.40 for nonstop from Chicago on KLM.Will let you know if the dream becomes reality.

Thanks, Gary

Hi Theo,

Of course you can use my response, and maybe I will add some more.The American Rabbit Breeder when purchasing a Dwarf looks to purchase the best possible animal to help his breeding program. Too many will not purchase brood does, because they want the show animal. There are exceptions however which is the catagory I fall into. I would much rather purchase a wide body 23/4-3# doe to produce the show animals than try to get a show doe to produce anything without having any trouble, and the show does(smaller does) almost always have trouble producing.The Eurodwarf is a little larger and therefore produces much more easily which is a help to anyones breeding program.