From this period of time there is a list of “feedback messages” we received back then:
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Leslie Ketrenos:

We are extremely happy with the rabbits and know they will be a great addition to our breeding program. 3 or the 4 does bred to the bucks have kindled. Have 1 kit by the chocolate otter and 4 by the opal buck, along with 6 double dwarfs (peanuts) which we expect in our breeding program. The doe the black otter was bred to still hasn't kindled.

The opal was bred to a nice opal doe that has won a Best Opposite of Breed. Can't believe how the hindquarters have improved over there or is it just your breeding? I have had German and English imports and a line that goes back to Holland and really have to work to get the hindquarters and train the young to sit not stand on the show table. Glad that this won't be the case with your bunnies! Did you show the black otter a lot or does he just naturally love the extra attention and petting, he has such a great disposition which is very important in our barn.

The chocolate otter and opal have good dispositions as well but prefer not to be petted. I will keep you informed on the offspring as they develop.

Thanks again, Niki's Bunnies
Leslie and Niki Ketrenos

I would be honored! All three rabbits are still doing well and I have several outstanding offspring out of your bucks. If I can be of further assistance to you please let me know!

Nicole Ketrenos