From this period of time there is a list of “feedback messages” we received back then:
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Alicia Kennemer writes:
Katrina Widrig writes:
Stacey Anderson writes:
Cathy Bohn writes:
Dan & Stacey Grate write:
Carrie Engel writes:
Mary Henderson writes:
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Mary Henderson:

Dear Theo,

I am very pleased with the bunnies that I received yesterday. They all have wonderful bodies, especially well filled rearends! I am especially taken with the REW senior doe, she is breathtaking and the older REW senior buck is also beautiful. All of these animals should do wonderful things for my breeding program.

Thank you very much,
Mary Henderson
Rainbeau Rabbitry

I don't mind if you use my first response. I would like to add an update. The animals I received in June are doing very well. I have some very nice new babies out of the original 9 that I received. The original 9 I received were REWs and BEWs. In December I had an oppertunity to go in with group to purchase 2 more, this last time I received a pair of opals. They have magnificent color and type. I have 2 litters out of the buck that all look great and I am excited to see how they mature. The doe is probably the best of the two and I will wait until June to breed her. I am hoping to get a few more of the great bunnies that are coming from

Holland. The animals I have received are all healthy and have settled into my barn very easily.

Mary Henderson