From this period of time there is a list of “feedback messages” we received back then:
Peggy Yoakum writes:
Alicia Kennemer writes:
Katrina Widrig writes:
Stacey Anderson writes:
Cathy Bohn writes:
Dan & Stacey Grate write:
Carrie Engel writes:
Mary Henderson writes:
Leslie Ketrenos writes:
Ann Craig writes:
Terri Monson writes:
Gary Brachmann writes:




Peggy Yoakum:


so sorry that I’m so slow in getting this to you. Hope you check your Email tonight or before leaving for your meeting on Sunday. I hadn’t checked my Email for awhile and went out with our daughters and son-in-laws for Mexican Food last night for dinner.

We are absolutely delighted with our stock we received this fall. They are beautiful.

It is at long last spring with the longer natural daylight putting our animals in the right frameof mind to fill our nest boxes.

Because of my father’s illness and death we weren’t able to work with our animals very much during February and the first of March, but are getting our lives back together now and working hard to get them all bred and producing.

We have had a couple of kindlings from the otters. We bred one of our does and thechocolate buck together and now have a really nice Black Otter doe that is developing very nicely.

We just took the nest box out of another cross, a black doe of our breeding (goes back to a buck from Nigel Atkinson) and the Otter Buck. We have a Chocolate and Black we are most pleased with.

The does we received from you are all bred now and due within the next couple of weeks. Really anxious to start getting the nest boxes full! We are working very had with them.

There is one doe that is not bred. We will breed her in the next couple of days before we take her to Georgia to the ANDRC National show next Saturday. She won BOB at the December Missouri State Convention and Best Opposite in a specialty show the next day. Her ear number is 561.

We have not shown any of the other animals. They are too precious to us. We have several Otter Does, so if one is lost, the breeding program is not lost. With the Bucks and the other varieties, if we lost one before getting young stock, we would put ourselves in a bad situation. We have to guarantee we can continue the bloodlines entrusted to us and improve our stock with these animals before we would risk losing them.

We have a good friend who shows and specializes in Chocolates in the National Shows. She took a look at the Chocolate Buck and said he was the best she had ever seen.

THE OPALS – We have used them extensively in the breeding program and are very happy with them.

Our good friend Tommy Thompson(he has won best Opal several times at the National Shows and won Best of Breed this fall with a Chestnut Buck at the ARBA Convention in Columbus, Ohio) has given us several of his top Does and we now have them bred to the buck we received from you. We have crossed him into our stock and are very pleased with the stock we are getting from him. We have several keepers and are building a base to expand the breeding. The ring color on these animals are something that is just not seen over here, didn’t know it was possible. We do not plan on losing it. We have a nice litter from the Doe that was sent and she is rebred.

This is now the breeding season. We have had a very hard and stormy, cold winter and are looking Forward to the next few weeks and the anticipation of full nest boxes.

PLEASE, PLEASE let all your club members know how very pleased we are with the stock and the opportunity to work with them. I will keep you informed with the progress we are making.

We have a tradition in our club that after you win the Best of Breed at a show you take your pals and fellow exhibitors out to dinner and a drink or two. You owe us $125.00 for Saturday nights dinner and drinks. Your otter doe won BOB at the State Convention and I know you would want to follow up on this tradition. Tom and Diane Thompson, Gary and Yvonne Michaud and Bill and I had a wonderful dinner after the show to celebrate. You should be glad that the Grates were too tired to make it or it would cost more! Hope you know I'm teasing. At least about the dinner on you. That beautiful doe took Best of Breed in the first show out of about 130 rabbits. The second show on the second day under Glen Carr she took BOSB. She took Best Otter and Best Tan Pattern. The black buck you sent over for the Grates took Best Self under Glen, and the Otter Buck you sent them took Best Opposite Otter and Tan pattern. You did pretty darn good. After the show I heard Glen mention to the comment taker that he thought the Otter doe was an import. I told him that indeed she was. She was a Euro Dwarf from our good friend Theo Jansen who was helping getting us started in Otters. He said "a very good start". Another very good news item, our first baby from our Euro dwarfs was born today. Our good blue doe had two babies. She had two, one dead and one live. We have two more does due later this week - this is the real excitement for me - I just can't wait to see these babies come hopping out of the nest boxes. This is a good time for them to be born - should be fairly moderate this week in temperatures, next week it is suppose to get extremely cold - sub zero temperatures. Glad our rabbits are were they are. Bill wanted to be sure and let you know that we didn't take any of the other rabbits you sent over to the show. You sent 4 Otter does and the show was just over night so we risked taking 561 out before we breed her - but until we get some back up babies hopping around protecting that precious bloodline, wouldn't want to risk losing them. I know that the otter buck and chocolate buck would "knock em dead" but if we lost them we would be in deep "do do". (The chocolate otter doe is one of the does due this week). I will let you know how the maternity goes - hopefully we will get a few or at least get the does started for spring.

Hope you received my Email before your meeting. Did you?
Yes, it would be fine with us to post the information.
Hope your fellow breeders realize how much we appreciate their sharing their wonderful stock.

Glad you had a good meeting and are enjoying your common interest.

We won’t be able to take a summer holiday this year. It is a disappointment to me but that is the way it will work best for Bill’s retirement. We were looking forward to a trip to Europe but under this situation, it will not happen this summer. Hope you will keep the invitation open for us. Please give my best to Ellen, Bas and Ben. I’ll try to get a picture of that jacket in the near future. I enjoyed wearing it to the one show we went to this spring and will definitely wear it in Georgia. I’ll keep in touch, please do the same ( our best blue doe is definitely having young ones this week out of that marvelous otter buck you sent, sure hope she does so successfully.