From this period of time there is a list of “feedback messages” we received back then:
Peggy Yoakum writes:
Alicia Kennemer writes:
Katrina Widrig writes:
Stacey Anderson writes:
Cathy Bohn writes:
Dan & Stacey Grate write:
Carrie Engel writes:
Mary Henderson writes:
Leslie Ketrenos writes:
Ann Craig writes:
Terri Monson writes:
Gary Brachmann writes:




Stacey Anderson:

Hello Theo,

Hope you are all OK also, we are all doing good and looking forward to babies in the boxes! Everyone is very happy with the rabbits we received from you. I know several people are showing them (I know the opals and black silver martens, chocolate and chocolate otter and black have been shown) I have both sables and have not shown or bred them yet. I don't know if anyone has tried to breed any of the 'new' rabbits yet or not, I do know that at least the black doe that was sent received a BOB or BOS. 
I am not positive on how the other rabbits have done but as I said everyone is thrilled with what you all sent over and several people are asking when you may have another shipment. Please tell everyone thank you again for all of us and let me know when you have more that everyone would like to send over! :)

Stacy Anderson

Hi Theo,

Sure you can use anything you would like.
Have a nice week!