From this period of time there is a list of “feedback messages” we received back then:
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Terri Monson:

Hi Theo,

My first experience with a shipment of imports, over all, has been wonderful. In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined that I would have such quality end up in my barn. In total I received 9 animals. One was a chocolate otter doe that, no matter how beautiful she was, I knew I would not keep her since I only do black/blue silvers, chins and squirrels. I traded her and the young black silver buck to a good friend, Tommy and Diane Thompson, who also received some animals in the same shipment.

As far as breeding, I did not start breeding them right away. I wanted to give them time to adjust from the trip and to their new surroundings. It's been a rough winter here and I'm only now starting to get babies.

Here's a rundown of the remaining animals, bucks first:

OLB/220 Black Silver Martin Herd Buck -
I'm still overwhelmed that he is in my barn. If he wasn't 3 lbs. you can bet that he would have hit the show tables. I absolutely adore him and he will never leave my barn. All the animals were given names from Norse Mythology. His is Odin; the highest and holiest god and god of victory. He has babies in the nest box that look very promising.

9LB/441 Blue Silver Marten Buck (son of above) -
His name is Baldur (the most beautiful of the gods). I will probably use him more in my second round of breeding, after his father.

The Does:

OLB/626 Black Silver Marten doe -
Sif I consider the best of the three black silver does. I showed her a couple of times and she
did OK but her coat was slipping. First litter didn't make it.

OLB/563 Black Silver Marten doe -
Freya is second and also did OK on the show table but her coat was slipping, too. And like any of the does, it was more important for me to get babies out of them than it was for them to have a show career.

OLB/570 Black Silver Marten doe -
Nanna is a funny little thing. She refuses to pose and, in fact, arches her back so she looks flat and even swayback. She's just destined to be a mommy but hasn't yet.

OLB/622 Chin doe -
And last but not least Nossa who, I think, is probably the most beautiful thing (not counting the herd buck) that I have ever seen and will never part with. To me she and the herd buck were worth everything. She did hit the show tables and first time out probably would have taken Best of Breed but came up with malocclusion which ended her show time. We believe she pulled them here on the wire and I'm clipping them. I think she would have done very well at the show tables if this didn't happen. I have a chin buck that has great colour, wonderful type and depth, a very nice head and ear but, in my opinion, could be just a touch wider that I'm hoping will be her perfect match.
Did you ever show her?

I'm sorry this went on for so long but I wanted you to know how each one was doing. I will keep you informed on how my first round of babies do but I have no doubt they will be awesome and will only get better. Overall, and I'm sure you can guess from my remarks, I am extremely please with the shipment of animals that I received from you

Thank you again,

I don't mind at all if you use part of my response on your page. In fact, I consider myself pretty lucky that when I go to your website and look at the dwarf with the perfect head that I can see him everyday - in my barn!