Jansen Profil Studie


Profielstudy by Mr. Fritz Schaedler, The Netherlands

For many decades this drawing, by Mr.F.Schaedler (NL),

was used to illustrate how short a dwarfbody should be.

Headvolume: Bodylenght = 1:2


Profilestudy by Mrs. Jan Lucas, England

This sketch by Mrs.Jan Lucas (Eng.)
brings in the "High Head Position".

The head not in front of the body but:
The head placed on the body.

The combination of the 2 above by Theo Jansen, The Netherlands

Theo Jansen combined these 2 sketches into:

  • the 3-circel ideal


  • high head position

By adding the vertical and horizontal lines

the profile ideal was complete

This resulted in the Jansen's Profile Study in de early 1990th

The ideal profile

Exists when:

The vertical line A (from the earbase) ends behind the frontfeet:

This makes the desired no-neck type

  • The high head position should place line 2 (undercheek-line) 
    exactly in the middle of 1 and 3
  • The short body makes 6 equal rectangels
  • This balance is disturbed if any of these rectangels turn into squares.

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