Breed standard

Headprofile and proportion to the body

Perfect volume and shape of head

Head too small and not round

Skull too flat in nosebone

Skull and muzzle width

Perfect round skull from all sides
excellent width between the eyes

Spoonshape and well furred ears

Perfect spoonshape ears nicely carried together

Thin and weak ears very poorly carried backwards Such ears faulded together have poor fur  and do look pink

Ears should also be judged from the backside 
spoonshape and open with good substance they should look like this.


Vertical earcarriage without showing light in between

Perfect sideview ears perfect carried erect

From the frontview the ears should not show any daylight in between.

These ears are way too course and almost carried like a lop.

Earsubstance and length in proportion to the body

Perfect short and open ear well in proportion to the body (Ears between 5.0 & 5.5 cm "fit" best)

Ears thin and weak and too long

Ears too heavy and too round at the tops


Size and boldness of the eyes

Perfect bold eye right in the middle of the skull

Perfect bold eye right in the middle of the skull

Such small eye does not look vital at all



Perfect wide chest

Narrow chests puts the frontfeet together

Narrow chests puts the frontfeet together


Shoulderdepth and headposition

Perfect depth of body (chest)
with head placed "on" the chest

A good shoulderdepth with the headposition backwards:a "stargazer" (ears not vertical)

A long neckregion puts the head in front of the body; not ON the chest....


Frontleg position

Perfect position under "earline"

Perfect position under "earline"

A long neck puts the frontlegs too far backwards

Frontlegstability-length and use

Perfect short and strong frontlegs
with correct use of frontfeet

Not used front legs with very weak frontfeet:
a very common failure

Too long front legs put the head too high


Backlinelength and shape

The perfect dwarf: short, cobby with excellent rearend-profile and headposition

A long, flat and weak backline

Too long (horizontal)
in the shouldersection to be called cobby


Rearlegs wide and parallel

Perfect parallel rear legs

Exorotation of rearlegs




Ideal  round curve 

Too flat over the rear end

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