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    Various Visits

    Through the years many visitors from around the world have visited the Rabbiminimus facility.
    Not always was the camera present but some visits have been captured:

    Justina Gibiežaitė, 2019

    Visit Steffen Borchers and Maren Hummerich

    Craig Greenhalgh from Wales came for a visit

    Adi happy with a young Champagne buck that she will bring to Israël

    3 August 2015, Adi Avlas from Israël visiting Rabbiminimus

    Ellen and Theo with Adi and Adina from Israël

    May 31, 2015. Members of W724 visiting Eerbeek, where "dwarfknowledge was shared" by Thomas Rieswick

    May 16, 2015 Fred and Leslie Bond & Matthew Bermudez visiting the Rabbiminimus facility

    Clubmembers W101 visiting Rabbiminimus summer 2013

    Sheryl Chia from Singapore visiting Rabbiminimus Rabbitry

    Cristina Caporale, from Florida USA visititing Rabbiminimus Rabbitry

    Clubmembers Weser Emst visiting Rabbiminimus summer 2013

    Clubmembers W101 and Weser Emst visiting Rabbiminimus summer 2013

    Cristina Caporale, creator of the beautifull Rabbiminimus & Goudakkers signs

    Theo Ahler, Theo Jansen and Theo Upgang

    Early 1980ties, Theo showing Jeff Hardin how a Netherland Dwarf should pose

    Theo was fortunate to meet dwarffriends in their own countries on various trips:

    Visiting a rodeo with Peggy & Bill  Yoakum in Missouri in 2000

    Visiting ANDRC springshow at Montpellier 2005

    ANDRC Banquet at Montpellier 2005Thanks Gary Brachmann for joining me there.

    Visiting Bali having an extraordinary diner with Andy Djamhur

    Meeting dedicated fanciers of the Jakarta Netherland Dwarfclub

    Having a beer with clubmembers of the Jakarta Netherland Dwarfclub in Jakarta july 2012

    Exchanging gifts in Jakarta

    Presenting the Rabbiminimus Trofee for Best of Breed at the upcoming Jakarte rabbitshow.

    Meeting Sheryl Chia in Singapore, 2012

    After the European show in Leipzig Theo and Ellen Jansen and Bram and Annemiek Buitenhuis stayed another night in Thüringen with Siegfried and Brigitte Werner where we had a nice diner in Stadroda

    Ofcourse Emil Wetzer was present in Leipzig

    End of the European show in Leipzig in a heavy snowstorm

    Bram and Annemiek Buitenhuis, Jaco & Heleen v, Toledo, Marcel & Sylvia v. Onna and Theo & Ellen Jansen at the CV -Show in Bad Pyrmont staying in a monastry with superb hospitality

    October 2012 Theo took Christina Caporale for an "European Dwarftour: visiting several topbreeders in Germany and The Netherlands

    Christina went home, in Florida,  with a variation of colours:

    Theo and Christina in the rabbitry of Jürgen Schwarz; all family members joined on the photo

    Christina comparing Blue Silver Martins from Jürgens Schwarz

    Visiting Herman Hoxtermann in "dwarfvillage" Bühne.Herman showed some great Black Silver Martins

    "Mr. REW" in Bühne Klaus Heinemann. Thanks for the nice coffee and delightfull tort!

    Not only Netherland Dwarfs in Bühne; Rainer Breker has outstanding Holland Lops.

    From Josef Krull Christina took home a group of chocolate tans.

    The last visit of this memorable dwarftour was to Marcel van Onna. Marcel helped Christina with a group of smoke pearl siamese, sable siamese and seal points.

    March 2015 Theo took Tamara Reeves from Florida to visit some dwarffriends.

    Tamara Reeves (r) and Monique Jansen (l) are admiring a well posing black silver marten from Jaco v. Toledo

    German hospitality with Irmgard and Heinz Brinkert

    Jaco v. Toledo proudly showing a fine black silver marten buck to Tamara Reeves

    Jaco van Toledo, Ad de Bruin, Tamara Reeves, Monique Jansen and Theo Jansen posing for the camera

    Tamara Reeves handling an otter buck from Ad de Bruin

    Theo Jansen, Steffen Borchers, Tamara Reeves and Maren Hummerich

    Jeanne Zidlicky, Theo Jansen and Tamara Reeves